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The Bean Car Club

The Bean Car Club for all makes of Vintage, Veteran up to and including 1939 cars, with a section for those owning, or with special interest in, Bean Cars. The Register was founded some fifty years ago by the late Rex Tapley, who felt that there should be a club for the less exotic early car makes which were neglected by the clubs for the more sporting makes. Such a car was exemplified by the Bean which he owned, a well-engineered car worth saving. Owners of other makes soon wanted to join, so an expanded Club accommodated them, and later, cars of the 1930-39 period were welcomed. Today the Bean Car Club organizes events throughout the year, the most famous and one of the largest annual ‘Family Runs’ in the UK being the National Daffodil Run. This is held in April and attracts an entry of about 120 cars which for many years set out from the Seven Stars, Knowl Hill near Maidenhead, now from the New Inn, Heckfield or entrants join at the Stockbridge breakfast-cum-coffee stop, and head for Christchurch, via a lunch-stop in the New Forest. Among other annual events are the Cobweb Run in March, the Old Bean Section day in August or September and the Harvest Tour in October, and members support various local fetes and shows, listed in the monthly newsletter. There is usually a trip abroad each summer. The club also holds an annual Film Show and Supper in February, where historic and comic films support footage of the Club’s members’ activities. The Club Magazine is produced three times a year, while Newsletters are sent out monthly and members may advertise cars and parts for sale free of charge. Although its members are distributed round the world, the Club is still very much a local one, with twin bases, at the Frog and Wicket, Eversley Cross, near the area where it started and the Royal Oak PH, Knowl Hill. The OBS considers the Dudley area where the cars were made, to be its ‘home ground’. Members meet twice a month, there is an evening ‘Noggin & Natter’ on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Frog and Wicket; opposite the cricket ground in Eversley, on odd months of the year or the Royal Oak, Maidenhead on even months of the year and there is also a lunchtime meeting held on the second Wednesday of the month. Check the Current Events page for the lunchtime meeting as the venue changes each month. If you own an eligible car, or are interested in cars of that type, why not come along, and maybe you will want to join. For information on membership please contact membership@beancarclub.org or fill in and post the application form.


The Bean Car Club.
The car club for all pre 1940 cars